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Welcome to Starz!

If you are looking for a grooming salon who will love and pamper your beloved dog, then Starz is the grooming salon for you!

Starz Grooming Salon provides you with a small and friendly dog grooming/pet shop business. We are fully insured and our groomer is fully qualified. 

We welcome all breeds, any size, any age and any temperament. We understand that all dogs are different and they all have their own fears and experiences. 

We can assure you that we will use our services to make each dog feel happy and to make sure that they enjoy their experience at Starz. Our main priority is the well-being, safety and happiness of your dog. 
To make sure your dog gets the five star attention and treatment they deserve, we only take a limited amount of dogs each day. We aim to have just one dog per session so we can give your dog our 100% attention and all the fuss they require!

Our Services Include:

*Free Grooming Consultation 
*Full Clipping, Stripping, Scissoring & Trimming 
*Bathing & Hand Drying
*Coat Conditioning
*Nail Clipping & Filing
*Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal
*General Health Check 
*Puppy Grooming Sessions
& Much More!! 


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